Deadfellows + Refinery = An Oilers Refinery

Strange Deadfellows Oilerblog and The Refinery have combined to become:

An Oilers Refinery!

Please welcome them to our network of blogs!


New member!

I would love to welcome Smokin’ Ray Burnt and his blog Oilers Jambalaya to our Network! Our community is growing and I am pleased to have Jambalaya on board.

Screw the HTML Code

Hey guys, if you wanted to join the Network and need the image link just go straight to the Network Membership page and save the image to your hard drive. Then you can link the image to . Send an email to Tommy Salo and he will add you.

HTML Code Malfunctioning

If anybody used the HTML code before, just be aware the blogger script reverses the first half of the pair of quotation marks from an opening to a closing, probably to prevent the code from “activating.” I tried putting it into a text box – to no avail. It still did the same thing.

Two options:

1. Upload the image to your file server and link back to us

2. Reverse the quotation on the old code manually

New members

Jean Shorts and Bagged Milk

The Refinery

Strange Deadfellows Oilerblog

We are established!

“Hello world!” indeed as the Oilers Blog Network is unleashed upon the world in all our fancy and all our might. What was once the domain of armchair cynics, backyard critics, and basement Don Cherrys is now the way to communicate hockey ideas and opinions.

Here, we focus on only the best team in hockey: the Edmonton Oilers (and their bloggers!)

Oiler Blogga Membership

a href=

Please save the image and upload it to your blog. (We have limited bandwidth)

If however, this is impossible,paste the HTML into your blog, use the code below:
<a href=”; target=”_blank”><img src=”; border=”0″ alt=”Oilers Blog Network” /></a>