Network Membership

It’s simple. Just add an image link to the Oilers Blog Network and you will instantly become an “Oiler Blogga,” as long as your blog is at some respectable standard of internet writing. And it’s blogging for Christ’s sake, so if you aren’t up to those standards, you shouldn’t be writing anyway.

You upload the following image to your own image server and link it back to the network

The official button of the Oiler Bloggas

The official button of the Oiler Bloggas

Once you’ve added the button, contact one of the admins and let us know so we can add you.

Attention: this is not a page ranking system, hierarchy, or a way of generating hits for your blog. It is simply a network of blogs/sites with the similar interest of writing about the Edmonton Oilers.


5 responses to “Network Membership

  1. Hey guys, I tried pasting the html code in my blog and the link doesn’t work…

  2. My bad! The problem with the code was this:

    <a href=”

    when it should’ve been this:

    <a href=”

    You can fix it on your own page or I’ll upload one in a couple of minutes.

  3. Hm. it’s a WordPress blogger HTML prevention thing that doesn’t allow me to paste the code as text and/or in a text box, and that’s why it reverses my quotation marks every time.

    You’re just going to have to make your own link with the image file, sorry R-Gib.

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  5. Ok. I put the logo with the link on my site. Now what? How do I get on here?


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